Elo Elämä – Biology book illustrations

Late October 2014 I got a chance to create illustrations for Otava publishing company Ltd. They were asking would I be interested to make all illustrations for their educational biology books. I have had a dream to do illustrations for education purposes for a while, but haven’t sent portfolio for any publishers yet. So I felt very lucky.

When you create illustrations for educational purposes you have to make illustrations a quite realistic and try to present subject simply enough. It is sometimes challenging, but rewarding at the same time. Knowledge about that your illustrations may last over ten years and help induviduals to learn important things is something great!

I end up making over 200 induvidual illustrations for the Elo Elämä -biology textbook and excercise book. Some complex scenario type of illustrations in color for textbook below.

And lot of small illustrations in black and white for the excercise book below.