BMW – Cafe Racer concept

I made this BMW Cafe racer sketch just for sake to understant what is the idea and philosophy behind cafe racer culture and design. I read articles about how to design cafe racer and what are the ”rules” for it. A lot of youger I used to drive moped and dirt bikes, but haven’t driven proper motorcycle ever. So I liked much about history and culture behind cafe racing. I decided to base my design for 80’s BMW R100. (read more about BMW R100 here.)

So I made this sketch for fun and dropped it on to my online portfolio. Almost a year went by before something unexpected happened. I got contacted by gentleman from southern U.S. and he was asking would I be interested to make some sketches for him to build his own cafe racer. So he gave me brief about his thoughts and I sketched several options. Here you can see the final design below.

He built the bike by himself and had to make some changes for the design during the building process.

Building took some time, but finally He sent some pictures about the bike fully assembled and ready to hit the road.

It was fun to help and see the design finally in real. Thank you Gaston for this opportunity and thank you letting me help you!