SKS -Autovarusteet

I was asked by my friend would I be interested to design van shelving system and the company identity as well. I decided to set up a company with them as one of the founders. My responsebility was product design and brand identity. This is the first company where I’m one of the entrepneuners.

All started with one rough protype model of which I based the dimensions. I designed all in 3D and made drawings for subcontractor to manufacture. Shelving system is a quite simple, but I had to make some adjustments for the tolerances on the way to get all parts join together smoothly.

At the same time I was studying business strategy and management studies and got plenty of helpful knowledge about how to run and develop business.

When the product was finished and ready for the market it was time to design the brand identity and marketing material. First I designed the logo.

Following the marketing material design wich contains layout design for the documents, businesscard, brochyres and assembly instructions.

Because of 3D model it was easy to pull of some renderings for the marketing material.

For the www-pages I used the WordPress theme and modified it to suit our style with color and images. With rendered images I made product presentation slideshow for the frontpage. Take a look here. (

Whole process took about one year aside of normal freelance business what I did at the time. Have to say that it have been one of the best learning processes of my career. I learned so much about everything. Thank you Antti and Henkka 😉